What can we do for your business?

Stop wasting time. Let us take on the technology challenges for your staff and get your team back to doing what they do best.

Strategy is key to success. Once we know the plan, we can advise and enable your technology to maximize the potential to reach your goals.

Your team will be treated as our own. TechRunner is committed to your business and your people. You'll get 100% effort, every day.

Problem Solving

At TechRunner IT we are your IT help desk that handles the day-to-day needs for your team. We also have a projects team to manage upgrades and new installations. 

TechRunner IT will be your help desk that handles the day-to-day needs for your team.
TechRunner IT will help you use the best tools for the job to be more efficient.


You could have anyone show you how to format a cell on a spreadsheet. We do that, sure, but we also help companies improve processes and workflows by understanding your current process and leveraging our knowledge of products and services to add efficiencies and remove inefficiencies to move you towards the goal. We worry about what you want to do, not just what you’re doing today.


What are your company goals? What are you working towards? We are invested in your success, so new and exciting goals for you become new and exciting goals for us. Our team gets super excited about enabling your success and growth. Our team will be a competitive advantage for your business when we work together and we’ll have the same level of commitment that you do.

TechRunner IT enables your success and growth.
TechRunner IT will install and manage your entire IT and network infrastructure.


Purchasing tablets to do inventory in a warehouse is the easy part. Understanding the quality of your infrastructure to make sure you have a solid Wi-Fi connection or single sign-on capabilities on the tablets is where we become an integral part of your team. Infrastructure maintenance is required to support your operational goals. When you’re ready to tackle your next project we’ll provide a holistic, turnkey approach.

Adopting a cloud-first infrastructure increases your flexibility to work from anywhere.  Your teams can use email, files and their work phone exactly the same way – in or out of the office. 

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