Make Sure IT Works

Your company relies on technology. The system needs to be up and running and that system is more layered than ever.

Business communication, productivity and collaboration are made possible by the incredible services, infrastructure and people behind the curtain.

It isn't magic, but our goal is to make it appear that way ūüé©

Work From Home

Working from home or on the road does not mean less productivity.¬† You can have 100% of the functionality that you experience when you’re in the office.¬† Good habits + the right technology can add up to a highly productive team member.

TechRunner IT supports end users working from home.
TechRunner IT will help your company adopt cloud services.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud-First companies have better mobility, better collaboration and better security.

Support + Help Desk

Our support team is smart, responsive and eager to help.  We will listen, troubleshoot and commit our efforts to work with you until your issues are resolved.  For emergency situations affecting an entire organization or facility, self-help runbooks are provided with detailed step-by-step instructions for fast resolution.
TechRunner IT offers tech support and help desk services.
TechRunner manages critical backups and develops disaster recovery plans.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backups are critical.  A disaster recovery plan is key.  Functionally, you need them.  Your company insurance plan requires them.  We manage all of it (including the annual insurance audit).


IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which your business is built.   All of the physical technology used by your team needs to work, so they can work.  Company networks, firewalls, WiFi, desktops, laptops, servers, clouds, phones, surveillance systems, punch clocks, conference room A/V Рevery link in the chain needs to be monitored, maintained and managed to ensure that you business operations can flow, uninterrupted.

IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which your business has been built, so let TechRunner IT manage it for you.
TechRunner IT will clean and organize all new and existing network cabling.

Structured Cabling

Clean and organized network cabling can be a godsend.¬† Labeled ports, jacks and cables make it incredible simple to identify equipment and troubleshoot a potential issue.¬† If your WiFi access point in the ceiling is connected to an old, damaged cable, the signal will be unreliable.¬† Need to connect a camera but don’t have an outlet?¬† Send power and data over a single CAT6 wire.

Server Management

Do you have servers in your environment?¬† Whether in the office or the cloud, TechRunner will manage them.¬† If you’re running old hardware, we will modernize performance and eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure.

TechRunner IT will manage your servers.

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