Risk is at an all time high.  Data breaches cost businesses $1.2 BILLION on 2019. 

Ransomware attacked were up 365% in 2019.  70% of small businesses experience a cyber attack last year.

Attacks are trending upward.  Cybersecurity needs are increasing for businesses of all sizes.  

Email Security

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the number ONE cause of cybersecurity related financial loss.  A breach can impact you AND your clients.

TechRunner provides email security services to prevent breaches from impacting you and your clients.
TechRunner IT believes multi factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) is a must.

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA (or “2FA”) is a must.  Secondary confirmation via SMS or mobile app is a simple and highly effective way to ensure that your accounts are only accessed by YOU.

Password Management

Forget a password?  Have a Word or Excel document with all of your account information?  That ends now.  Password mamnagers are a necessity to ensure that you are using unique credentials and complex passwords for each business critical service and account.

TechRunner IT offers a password manager to keep you data significantly more secure.
TechRunner IT works with your end users to provide group and one-on-one educational experiences to help protect each other.

User Awareness + Education

Knowledge can be the best protection against cyber threats.  TechRunner works with you end users to provide group and one on one educational experiences to empower them and help protect each other.

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